The Basics of Planning a Corporate Awards Ceremony

So you’re planning on throwing an award ceremony for your employees and to be honest, you definitely don’t want it to be a run of the mill type event!

Corporate ultimately have two underlying motives; Primarily, you want to honour and reward your employees for their hard work, you want to make it a show and an event that your staff can be proud of and have their loyalty and brilliance acknowledged. Secondly, you need it to make it a statement of your style and standards to the rest of the industry. No one wants to be seen at a bland and dull affair and no business leader or owner would want that kind of image plastered all over the industry magazines and newspapers! Taking both of these points into account, you need to ensure that you add both style and substance to your award ceremony and don’t forget that your true aim is to show your appreciation to your employees who have made that success attainable.

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Lighting & Space

The biggest statement for your event you can make to the outside world is to choose a prestigious venue. The venue needs to be well lit which usually means two things. One the lighting will be excellent and somewhat grandiose. Secondly this means the hall or room will be spacious. If your guests hardly have room to move their chairs between the tables, that’s definitely not a good sign. You need sufficient space for people to walk between tables comfortably (and we’re talking both guests and waiting staff).  If the room is spacious, the lighting will also look more attractive. The venue can and quite frankly should be prestigious.  As a result, many of the top corporations in the world often choose venues such as The Ritz London hotel, The Ballroom and The Albert Hall.

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Keep it formal

If this is your first event, then don’t go too far off the deep end when it concerns your theme. Keep things formal and simple and remember the old adage, less is more!  Experimentation comes with experience! Stick to the basics; the tables should be round and seat at least eight people, the table cloths should be a classic white and starched, the floral centrepieces should be short, the cutlery should be largely plain or with very basic patterns.  These basics are easily attainable and create a clean and clear backdrop to your event.

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Solos and groups

Everyone in attendance should be given the opportunity to have their picture taken to show they were part of the event and their status as an employee or winner of an award.  Usually these pictures are taken in the entrance or at the back of the hall. For this, you’ll need a smart backdrop that could be in your business colours.  Fantastic backdrops with bold, abstract, striped or patterned styles can be sourced from companies such as The Backdrop Lab depending on your theme and mood.

Make sure to take photos of employees as solo shots and also as group shots. Group shots of departments or project teams for example is a great idea to commemorate their time together working on a particular product or service. Taking photographs of the winners of awards is a given and make sure you get their award clearly in the shot as it could be the photo you use for media purposes after the event.  You can send in such photos to industry magazines if they’re running a story about you, include it in your end of year achievement booklet, or just post them to your social media accounts.

So don’t forget – award ceremony events for corporations are perfect for acknowledging excellence and achievement.  Stick to a very formal but high quality theme, where the tables, cutlery and general decor is very clean and clear.  Over time, you can begin to experiment with other themes and remember to make the event memorable by taking photographs of all the attendees; solo, as a group and the award winners.

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