How to Throw a Birthday Party To Remember

A party is ALWAYS fun, no matter what form it takes, but sometimes it’s worthwhile going big! If you’ve got a significant birthday – such as 30, 40, or 50 – coming along, then you’ll want to celebrate in style, and create a party that will live on in all your memories.

But of course, it’s easy thing to say, but another thing entirely to actually achieve. So here are some top tips to help you to pull off the party to end all parties!!!

Pick a Theme

Sometimes, it’s hard to really get a sense of what sort of “theme” you want to create to give your party a clear style for your guests. So, make sure your party has an identity! This can in part come down to the guest list. Whilst you’d like to have everyone you love involved, older relatives might not be at home if you’re having an intense DJ and dance floor style event (which might be the very thing that attracts most of your mates!). Stick to the people who you know will enjoy and contribute to the atmosphere that you really want for your shindig and save a family get together for another time.

Where’s it Going to Be?

This might just be the most important decision you make. If you put enough fabulous people together, then good times will flow, but if the venue makes it difficult for everyone to dive into the fun, then there’s going to be an upper limit to how far it can go. You could host your party at your house, but it won’t be ideal if you’re forever worried about the neighbours shutting it down. Instead, why not hire a venue that allows you to party on until the early hours and has a suitable size room, but without too many break-out spaces as this can really dilute the party atmosphere if guests have too many places to go.  The dance floor could end up looking pretty empty which definitely doesn’t contribute to the party vibe!

Transform the Space

You’ve got the venue, now’s the time to make it worthy of an awesome party! Decorating it in style. These days you can find fabulous styles and colours of balloons, lots of different lights and table displays to transform a vacant space into a show-stopping party zone. The aim is to have everyone jumping straight into the party groove as soon as they enter the room.

Fun Touches

Your guests bring the fun, but of course it’s key to make a few preparations to move things along. A great DJ or a live band, for example – as they will ultimately be responsible for keeping the dance floor bouncing. Or what about something different to create a fun talking point and entertain your guests, such as selfie pod hire – so you’ll also be left with plenty of photographic proof of the fun once the party is over.


Finally, don’t forget add some refreshments. People want to dance all night long, but they’ll need something to absorb the cocktails and bubbly! Add some finger food to the planning list, so that no one has an excuse to leave early!

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