Celebrating in Style – 3 Elements To Consider

Sometimes, you just need to celebrate! There will be times in your life where you want to celebrate an achievement, come closer together with people, or generally have fun with all the bells and whistles… But celebrating isn’t a science. It’s an art form. It can be done with thought and care, or with recklessness.

Let’s take a boozy night out in town… after the first hour or two, you probably can’t recall too much about it.   Do you remember what you said to everyone?  Did you embarrass yourself? You almost certainly suffered the next day for it!

Celebrating in style is definitely worth making more of, it’s way more important and definitely should be remembered as an event you can 100% recall and appreciate.

As a result, here are three key elements to consider when planning your perfect event:

The Event Space

The event space is everything. While many know that hiring a venue is necessary, most don’t try to ensure that it’s perfect for their needs. The layout, the space itself, and the creative freedom you have with decoration are all key to ensuring you find an option perfect for you. For example, there are stark differences between the perfect event space to gather after a funeral in celebration of someone’s life, and a Bar Mitzvah venue for hire in celebration of someone’s adulthood just beginning. Be sure to consider a number of options, but ultimately make your decision based upon which of the options tick most if not all of the boxes for your event.

The Entertainment

The entertainment your guests will enjoy can help structure the whole event. What is the theme? How do you envisage it panning out? Are you having live or recorded music? How will you time the catering? Does tradition come into play? How are you planning to you’re your guests amused, to cater for different ages, experiences, requirements, and how might you liven the whole event to ensure that the adults can have fun in addition to any children?

The People

The guests you invite to your event can help or hinder it in equal measure. Who are you inviting? Family, friends, clients, work colleagues, business associates? Selecting the guest list is key to ensuring your event is a huge success (or otherwise).  Are you thinking small and intimate or a massive party?

Whoever you are inviting, make sure that you contact them in good time and follow up, so that you have a clear idea of the numbers you are catering for.  You don’t want to be caught short or left with too much food and drink after the event!


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