5 Top Tips for Planning the Perfect Party

When you’re organising a fabulous party, be it a birthday party, an anniversary party or any other sort of surprise celebration party, of course you want to be the host (or hostess) with the most (or mostest)! but ideally you want to achieve that without running yourself completely ragged in the lead up to the event AND surely, it’s not too much to ask that when you’re spending all that money and inviting everyone you know, you want to actually have fun and enjoy the party!  It is a celebration after all!!!

So how do you achieve it all without risking a migraine, just as the first guests turn up?

Well, as an events planner with years of experience organising parties and events of all descriptions, Zoë from Serayah Events has some top tips, to ensure your event goes with a bang! (For all of the right reasons!!!)

Picture by Kaizen Nguy

The budget

How much you intend to spend on the event naturally underpins everything! The food, the entertainment, the number of guests you can accommodate and the venue! What sort of look do you want to create, what sort of scale? If you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, a good party planner will be able to give you an understanding of the budget you would need, including their fee and then you can adapt accordingly.

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The perfect venue

Selecting the ideal venue for your event is key! If you have a theme in mind, you want somewhere that reflects that or is a blank canvas to enable you to achieve the look you want.  Marquees are fabulous options as you can put your stamp on the event and make it all your own! You also need to be clear on the numbers you want to invite, to ensure that the chosen venue can accommodate them all.  That said, you can definitely get away with inviting a few more as you’ll invariably find that only about 70% of those you invited will actually turn up anyway.

The entertainment and the theatre

At any good party, guests will remember the fabulously fun party atmosphere, the awesome music they danced the night away to, the colours and lighting that set the mood, so it’s always worth prioritising your spending there first!  Creating that wow factor will hit your guests on their arrival and stay with them after they’ve left. The bigger the statement, the better!

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Food and Drink

Parties aren’t all about the food, but if you’re serving alcohol (particularly if its free!) you definitely need to give guests something to soak it up with, otherwise you’ll be dealing with the repercussions all evening (and most likely in the days afterwards, if the party is being held in your home or garden).

Give your guests something they’ll remember, something that looks and tastes incredible and fun, but something that is easy to eat, ideally in bitesize pieces, so that they don’t have to juggle a handbag, a glass as well as a plate.

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Someone to keep all of the plates spinning

Ultimately the best way to spend time with your guests, dance the night away and ultimately just have lots of fun, is to ensure someone is there to manage the proceedings for you! Their role is to design and set up the marquee or venue, to coordinate proceedings, to book and deal with the suppliers, to oversee the entertainment and the food service, to deal with any issues (ideally without you ever knowing about them), and so on and so forth before, during and of course, after the party, because the last thing you want to be doing is clearing up the glasses and dirty plates the next morning… particularly after all of that bubbly!

To find out more about our party planning services, visit our Party Planning & Events Management page or drop us a line here.

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