Behind The Scenes at a Styled Shoot

As you may be able to tell from this blog, one of our very favourite things to do in the world is a styled shoot 🙂

And as you have probably seen, when not doing events, styled shoots and parties, Zoë also has a wedding planning podcast, called The Icing on the Cake.  This podcast is all about giving couples inspiration when planning their weddings and as a result, it seemed a fabulous opportunity to tie both of these elements together and create a podcast episode about all things styled shoot!!!

Usually the podcast is recorded at the studios of the fantabulous production company Bengo Media, however, for this episode, we’ve escaped the studio and are on location at the beautiful and historic Exchange Boutique Hotel in Cardiff Bay…

So if you want to tune into the podcast, you can hear Zoë and Hanna Bousouf (whom you can also listen to in episode 4 of the last series of the podcast, called Styling Your Wedding (& my love/hate relationship with Pinterest). You can read the notes for that episode and have a listen to that one right here) ) creating an Opulent Masquerade Ball shoot at the Exchange and get a behind-the-scenes view as to what we got up to! It is jam packed with our thoughts, ideas as well as interviews with some of the amazing suppliers we brought in to help us realise our vision.

If you want, you can also have a more detailed read of the blog post dedicated to the shoot with lots of gorgeous images too. Enjoy!

You can subscribe to the podcast series on iTunes on TuneIn or on Stitcher or listen to this episode here:


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