How Serayah Events came about…

When you’re from Wales and you meet someone from London, it’s not unusual (forgive me the stereotypical Tom Jones pun!) to receive a comment along the lines of “oh, have they got electricity in Wales now”, or “I didn’t realise you could get online in the Valleys”, a comment typically followed by a crafty snigger on their part celebrating their own cleverness, and a tired inward sigh on yours,  whilst displaying a face not unlike one of those emojis with a straight-line smile, trying not to look fed up.

For all of the development of Cardiff in particular in the past couple of decades, Wales as a whole is still seen as a backwater by many of those who have never visited, and that is, largely, an unfair opinion on a beautiful and progressive country.

However, being ‘out in the sticks’ – the capital, Cardiff, is over two hours from London, a fair distance from Birmingham and even further from more trendy cities such as Manchester or Liverpool – means that actually, Wales does miss out on some trends and new fads and that’s certainly something we noticed when it came to event styling.

“I’m a professional wedding planner based in South Wales and initially created Serayah Events to offer clients something completely different, as we are really limited in Wales as to availability of unique and fabulous décor.”

The main trends – vintage chic, rustic and the like – hit us because they’re ubiquitous, but with many years of event planning experience between the team, for all the glamorous and iconic venues around us and the beautiful scenery, we agreed that there was just something missing… a certain je ne sais quoi.

The world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many more, means anyone can see what’s happening not just in London and Manchester, but New York, Sydney, L.A., Tokyo and Cape Town more easily than ever. But taking a couple of images and applying them to create a desired theme or style, to get the exact look & feel you want, isn’t an easy job – so that’s where we come in!

“We were seeing the same styles and designs again and again and found that our clients were desperate to source something beautiful and bespoke that wasn’t the same as they had seen at every other wedding, birthday party, Christmas party or Corporate event they had ever been to.”

As experts in our field, we follow all of the key accounts, interact with bloggers and trendsetters and as Flash would say on their advert… “We do the hard work, so you don’t have to”.

“During our conversations with some of the fantastic venues with whom we work, it soon became apparent that there was also a desperate cry for corporate companies needing help and support to create, design and manage amazing and unique events.”

During the London 2012 Olympics there was a whole team created to manage this and the head of that team was ‘Director of Look & Feel’ now, whilst Brand Director may be a more traditional title but we know exactly what they meant, and that’s pretty much what we wanted to create with Serayah Events Ltd.

We are the experts you can rely on, we are the people who can see what’s happening around the globe, we tirelessly work with incredibly talented local suppliers across Wales (where possible) and England, to ensure that the newest trends and styles are available to the market in South Wales and the South West.  We want to bring all those ideas to life for your big event, whether that happens to be a wedding, a corporate function or conference, birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs – the lot!

“With our expertise, knowledge of trends and the relationships we have built with some of the top suppliers throughout the UK we saw the opportunity to create a service that would provide clients with something different and of course an unforgettable event.”

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